Why iDitty?

iDitty has been built from the ground up to provide the best possible experience for musicians and fans alike. The iDitty Experience is unique to the music industry, offering a blend of music distribution and playback with the tools to create meaningful, persistent musician-fan interactions. This approach benefits both the musician and the fan, allowing musicians to have much more direct and personalised relationships with their fans.

For Musicians

  1. Physically distribute your content using iDitty Cards, which provide a modern and convenient way for fans to acquire digital content, while providing the tools to create a unique ongoing experience within the iDitty ecosystem.

  2. Distribute content online through the iDitty Store, allowing fans to get the same incredible iDitty Experience even if they can't acquire a physical card.

  3. Built a relationship with your fans using our communication and interactino tools. Build a custom page using our powerful iDitty Page Designer to keep your fans up-to-date with the latest news and events, release additional content to loyal fans through the Perk system, communicate directly with your fans through the iDitty messaging system and so much more!

For Fans

  1. iDitty allows musicians to share virtually any kind of digital media with you - buying an album could grant you access to music videos, exclusive photos and interviews, personalised messages from the musician thsmselves and so much more!

  2. Access your content from anywhere. Use the official iDitty mobile apps to access your content on the go, or stream directly from our mobile-friendly web app.

  3. Connect directly with the musicians you love - iDitty helps fans get closer to the action by enabling musicians to communicate effectively with their fanbase. Subscribe to a musician's page and receive regular updates on new projects or tour dates, or purchase an iDitty project and get access to tailored Perks that keep your experience fresh and exciting.