• For Fans

    The Music Delivery Platform of the Future

    Artists using the iDitty platform have loaded our Interactive Souvenir cards with music, videos, artwork and so much more – including exclusive content you just can’t get anywhere else. When you redeem your card, you instantly get access to all that fantastic content direct from your mobile device or browser, and you become part of an exclusive VIP Fan Club connected to your favorite artists like never before!

    Get started TODAY by redeeming your iDitty Interactive Souvenir card!

  • For Musicians

    Do More with iDitty

    The iDitty platform combines patent-pending Interactive Souvenir cards with a flexible digital content delivery platform allowing you to connect and interact with your fans in ways never before possible, and in the way your fans want – digitally…

    CD’s are so last century!

  • For Musicians

    Why iDitty?

    1. Automatically reports and credits your music (EP / LP) to SoundScan
    2. Keeps you connected to your fans all year long in ways never before possible

    The iDitty Interactive Souvenir provides you with a really cool physical asset that you can autograph and something that the fan can keep as a memory and collectable. A simple scan with the fan’s smart device through the iDitty App delivers your digital content to the fan’s device and reports to SoundScan. Our technology creates a complete ecosystem delivering music (EP and LP), videos, exclusive pics, and with the “Perk Alert” can keep you connected to the individual fan all year.

    Think of iDitty as a way to “push” your website, merchandise, backstage photos, writer profiles, contests, pre-sale tickets, and ANY other digital content that you desire – there is virtually no limit. Each card holder is updated in “Real Time”….whenever YOU decide to share your exclusive content.

    Think of iDitty as your 21st century VIP Fan Club!

  • For Musicians

    What Do I Get?

    Here is a summary of the powerful features you will receive with your iDitty account. To learn more about the amazing benefits of iDitty, visit Contact Us and call Sales:

iDitty Changes Everything

iDitty brings the modern music experience back into the real world. The CD industry is fading away, but fans still want to be able to buy physical copies of a musician's album. Musicians want to be able to reach out to their fans, and to provide a much wider range of content than can be stored on a traditional CD or vinyl.